DAEBO Communication & Systems CEO Greetings

Your digital transformation partner
for a successful future

Since 1996, DAEBO Communication & Systems has led the IT service industry by developing/operating intelligent transport systems and performing informatization projects of national infrastructure including transport, aviation, railroads, and national defense.

The outstanding development of ICT has significantly changed not only various industries but also our daily lives, resulting in generation of new technologies/services and thus diversification/sophistication of customers' needs.

With our unceasing efforts to deliver innovation and to enhance customers' IT competitiveness, we have diligently prepared for the future instead of being content with today's success. As the leader of Korea's intelligent transport market, we have invested heavily in core technologies of future transport systems such as C-ITS and smart tolling, as well as road infrastructure designed for autonomous driving, smart technology based on IoT, and distribution of AI solutions.

We contribute to creating
a better future and improving
your life more enjoyable

CEO Sang-Wook Kim

We are continuing to expand our business into the public sector, financing, manufacturing, logistics, and IT based on our unrivaled technology, accumulated expertise, and well-known reliability. Aspiring to become a leader of Korea's IT service industry, we will do our best to offer the best IT services that can fully satisfy customers with our talented people and through our customer-oriented corporate culture.

As your digital transformation partner endeavoring to deliver innovation for the future, we look forward to your continued support and affection.

Thank you.