DAEBO Communication & Systems

Integrated IT services
from consulting to system
development and operation

DAEBO Communication & Systems has been involved
in the history of the Korean transportation system

We offer comprehensive IT services designed to maximize the value of your business, including customized system development, system operation and management, and S/W & H/W purchase and installation for various industries such as the public sector, SOC, national defense, financial institution, private IT infrastructure, and so forth.

  • Consulting
    Next generation information system design with consulting experts, hands-on experience, and reliable methods
  • System Integration (SI)
    System planning / Requirement Gathering and Analysis / Design and development/ Implementation / Test and Deployment / Maintenance
  • IT Outsourcing
    Operation and maintenance for H/W, S/W, and security facilities 

Development of information systems optimized for customers and users,
with our extensive experience, systematic methods, and best experts

Our IT services, proven to be satisfactory according to a customer's preferences, are effectively customized
based on diverse hands-on experience and professional expertise

Reorganization of information system according to the abolition of disability rating system of Ministry of Health and Welfare
Ministry of Health and Welfare Social Security Information System Expansion Reorganization (1st ~ 3rd)
Expansion and advancement of social security information system in '14 ~ '17 of Ministry of Health and Welfare
Ministry of Health and Welfare Social Security Information System Minimize Resident Number
Ministry of Health and Welfare '14 Happiness eh Customized welfare such as basic life guarantee
Expansion of social security function in '13 in the Ministry of Health and Welfare

Maintenance of the information system for the Korea Student Aid Foundation
Maintenance and service operation of NEIS application S/W
Maintenance of physical infrastructure for the educational information system
Replacement of security equipment for the educational information system
Integrated IT system developed for Jang Yeong-sil Hall, Hoseo University
System development for National Library of Korea, Sejong

Public Information
Security communication infrastructure (Class II) for national tax maintenance, National Information Resources Service
Integrated information resources system, National Information Resources Service (Daejeon)
Integrated maintenance and operation of the information system for the National Assembly
Integrated maintenenace/operation and transfer of the information system, Korea Internet & Security Agency
System for space big data, the Ministry of Land
Donation of equipment and materials to ‘Korea-Vietnam IT University Friendship’, Korea International Cooperation Agency

Postal Logistics
Introduction and installation of postal PDA
Introduction and installation of computerized equipment for postal service
Introduction and installation of computerized equipment for postal service
Maintenance of the financial systems for postal offices in Daejeon

Optimized traffic IT services based on our extensive experiences
in road, railroad, and aviation information systems

We offer comprehensive traffic SOC services based on our vast experiences in specialized industries
such as road, aviation, and railroad information systems

  • Railroads
    Operation and maintenance of the SR integrated system
    Operation and maintenance of the integrated computing system for KORAIL
  • Aviation
    Enhancement of the VDGS (Visual Docking Guidance System), Incheon International Airport
    Operation of the flight communication system, Incheon International Airport
    Maintenance of the parking system, Incheon International Airport
    Step 3 security system development, Incheon International Airport
    Step 3 A-VDGS development, Incheon International Airport
    Purchase/installation of the video surveillance system, Incheon International Airport
  • Roads
    IT infrastructure for non-stop tolling systems of privately-invested roads
    System development for the C-ITS pilot project
    Operation and maintenance of IT facilities for expressways, national roads, and privately-invested roads
    Operation and maintenance of long tunnels
  • Information system, surveillance system, and maintenance services
    through long experience in informatization for national defense

    We offer total services for informatization of national defense, including system development,
    operation, and maintenance for information systems, a data center, and communication/computing equipment.

  • Information System
    Introduction and replacement of information resources for the Defense Information Data Center(DIDC)
    Development of the distributed processing system for the Defense Intelligence Command
  • Surveillance System
    Development of the comprehensive coastal surveillance system for the Defense Acquisition Program Administration
  • Maintenance
    Integrated maintenance of commercial information communication systems for the army
    Integrated maintenance of the computer systems for the navy
    Maintenance of the PC group for the air force
    Maintenance of the computing equipment for the Defense Acquisition Program Administration
  • Customized services based on professional expertise in a range of financial sectors,
    including banking, insurance, stock, credit card, and capital

    Our services are based on vast experiences in financial systems
    and have effectively responded to diversification of service channels including online and mobile platform.

  • Consulting
    Information strategy planning (ISP) consulting
    Information strategy master plan (ISMP) consulting
    Information system PMO consulting
    Information technical architecture consulting
    Public investment (PI) and business process re-engineering (BPR) - surety and bonds management
  • System Integration
    and IT Outsourcing
    Public/private financial system integration
    IT business development and operation outsourcing
    External/internal system integration
    Enhancement of online platform
    Internet and mobile channel development
  • ICBM
    IoT (Internet of Things)
    Development of data environment for smart clouding
    Big data model design and analysis
    Mobile business integration business
  • 24-hr continuity of business guaranteed and stable services
    supplied via professional IDC operation

    Our services include information system H/W, S/W, and N/W, as well as system development/operation/maintenance
    for reliable IDC operation, which ensures continuity of services for customers' business

    IDC Operation
    Operation of IDC MSP services (on commission) for KT Mokdong
    Operation (on commission) and H/W maintenance of KTOA computing center systems

    Information System Established/Operated
    Operation of the network separation system for Samsung Life Insurance
    Operational support and commissioned operation of KT CDN
    Replacement and sophistication of aged KTOA computing equipment
    Additional equipment introduced to the KTOA IX computing center
    H/W implementation for the Internet traffic computing system, KTOA